14th Kurashiki International Saxophone Competition

Requiremants for 14th Kurashiki competition(PDF)


Aim to enhance the performance technique of saxophone through international competitions, contribute widely to the enlightenment of music culture.

[Competition Date]

October 28th, 2018(Sunday) 10:00-20:00
Section for Solo
Section for Ensemble


Kurashikishi Geibunkan Hall Large hall
(15 mins. walk from JR Kurashiki Station )

[Application requirements]

Section of Solo : Students from Primary school to Adults (under age 30)

Section for Ensemble : Below high school students,University students, and Adults(No age limit)

[Number of positions]

Section for Solo
A) Section of Primary school students(under12)
B)Section of Junior high school students(under15)
C)Section of High school students(under19)
D)Section of University students and Adults(under30)
…Capacity 50 people

Section for Ensemble
E) Section of Under High school students
F) Section of University students and Adults
…Capacity 20 groups

[Musical composition]

Any one musical composition
・About 3-5 minutes for A) B) Section of Solo
・About 3-7 minutes for C) D) Section of Solo
・About 10 minutes for Section of Ensemble

(Composition  can be arranged  within the limited time)

・Section of Solo: Any kind of saxophone
(accompaniment by piano and page-turner can be participated but please prepare by performer.)
*If you need advice about accompanist, please let me know early. (until end of August )

・Section of Ensemble: From Saxophone Trio to Large ensemble
* Any musical instrument , but cannot use instruments such as pianos,percussions(However small articles are acceptable)and acoustic equipment.
*Orchestration is acceptable. Max 50 performers.

[Jury Chairperson]

Kazuo Tomioka
( Senior fellow professor of  Kurashiki Sakuyo University,Former vicepresident of  Senzoku Gakuen College of music,Guest professor of Tokyo University of Arts,)


Keiji Ueda (Prof. of Hiroshima bunka gakuen university)
Tse-Keness (Prof. of Iowa university)
Masahiro Maeda (Prof. of Soai university)
Toshikazu Nagase (Prof. of Kurashiki Sakuyo university)


・Special prize (Kazuo Tomioka prize)
prize of 100,000 yen for one ensemble division

・Certificate and Secondary Award.

[Application fee]

Section of Solo : ¥7,000
Section of Ensemble : ¥10,000 / group

* Bank of transfer will be mailed later


Aug 1th – Sept 21th  , 2018

*We will accept it in the order of application,but when there are a large number of applicants,we will close before the deadline.
*Those who wish to stay in Kurashiki are available for introduction.Please inform us by e-mail.
A travel agency will contact you at a later date.

[How to apply ]

Please fax or e-mail necessary information.

[ Where to apply/Inquiry]

Kurashiki International Saxophone Competiton ExectiveCommittee

*please send Japanese or English

〔About Kazuo Tomioka Prize〕(Quoting his words)

This is a prize aimed at motivating the development of Saxophone large ensembles and orchestras .
I hope that a wide group of participants from students to the general public will enjoy playing Saxophone
as orchestra menbers.
Please participate in Kurashiki International Saxophone Competition.


①You cannot change the tune after applying.

②An underage must obtain consent from a guardian.

③On the day,please act safely according to the instructions of the organaizer.We cannot assume the responsibility if there is an accident due to the carelessness of the performer.Please understand and cooperate.



Kurashiki International Saxophone Competition Exective Committee

[Joint sponsorship]

Kurashiki Sakuyo University


Nonaka Boeki Co.,Ltd.
Buffet Crampon Japan Co.,Ltd.,
Yamaha Music Japan Co.,Ltd.


Okayama Prefecture; Kurashiki City ; Okayama Prefecture Board of Education ;
Kurashiki City Board of Educatin;Kurashiki; Kurashiki City Cultural Foundation;
Okayama Prefecture International Exchange Foundation;
Sanyo Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.(RSK)
TV Setouchi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.(TSC)
Kurashiki Cable Television Co.,Ltd. ; Tamashima Television Co.,Ltd. ;
FM Kurashiki Co.,Ltd. ; Federation of Okayama wind instrument music;
Japan Saxophonist Association;

◎Executive Committee

Adviser:Soichiro Oka(Board chairman of Kurashiki City Cultural Foundation)

Michiro Sato(Board chairman of Federation of Okayama wind instrument music)

Minoru Nakagiri(Specially-appointed Prof. of Kurashiki Sakuyo university)

President:KazuoTomioka(Secretary-general of Japan SaxophonistAssociation)

Chairperson:Yuki Inoue(Lecturer of Okayama Sanyo High School Music Course)

Committee member:Shunsuke Akaki  Atushi Kunishige  Chika Sato  Shiori Mizukawa